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You put so much effort into picking the perfect dress, finding matching heels, and setting your hair in gorgeous curls to slay at a fancy event—but what about your fancy ‘formal’ makeup? An airbrush makeup guide is the perfect answer.

While other girls prefer going to a professional makeup artist to rock the perfect airbrush makeup look, many of us don’t trust anyone else’s skills than our own! And if you think that you can’t look flawless until a professional dolls you up – you need to rethink that!

You can most definitely achieve beautiful smokey eyes and smooth foundation look at home. All you have to do is use the best professional airbrush makeup system and master its art to be a head-turner at every occasion. With just a few strokes over the face that take just a few seconds, the airbrush technique can hide all your imperfections and even your skin tone. We understand that an airbrush makeup system can be tricky to get a hang of initially but you’ll get used to it quickly. On the brighter side, reduced makeup application time and a photo-ready look await you!

Starting with the basics, here’s the airbrush makeup guide to wearing airbrush makeup at home.

Step 1: Tie Your Hair Back

While this is pretty obvious, it needed to be said out loud, especially for the first-timers. You’ll already be intimidated trying the airbrush makeup system for the first time and so, you wouldn’t want anything to distract you.

Tying your hair out of the face is a good place to start. Although you might not actually spray makeup on your hair, even the thinnest strand can distract you and the next moment, you’ll have too much makeup on one spot!

Step 2: Select the Right Makeup Shade

Like all makeup products, airbrush foundation comes in a wide range of shades. The key to getting a flawless look is to choose the shade that best matches your natural skin tone. In case you like to play around and experiment with makeup products, you might even want to mix different shades to create your perfect match.

The best way to find the right shade is by applying a few on your cheek and gently blending it with your finger to see which one matches best to your skin. Make sure you do this in a natural light setting. The closest shade will be your best bet. Even if it doesn’t match exactly with your skin tone, you can expect great results because the airbrush foundation blends much better than traditional formulas.

Regardless of the airbrush makeup system you’re using, you’ll have to take two to five drops of foundation in the small reservoir on your applicator. Ideally, you should increase the number of drops according to the kind of coverage you want.

Step 3: Try the Pressure

The secret to achieving a flawless airbrush makeup look lies in applying it gently. Hence, we suggest you try and get used to the pressure before you start applying makeup.

Simply, turn the machine on before adding any makeup product to the stylus and apply different levels of pressure to the spray throttle, determining the ideal level. Once you get used to the right pressure level, nothing can stop you from rocking that flawless makeup look!

Step 4: Shake the Product Bottles before Use

It’s important to shake the bottles of makeup products before use, especially if the product is liquid. Liquid makeup tends to separate or settle and so, to get the best results, you need to shake the bottles well before use.

Step 5: Moisturize Your Skin

Do you find yourself drooling over the glowing skin and smooth, dewy makeup look of magazine models?

Let’s reveal the secret! Moisturizing your skin before applying makeup ensures a smooth surface for even makeup application. It also keeps the makeup looking fresh for longer, saving you the embarrassment of a cakey look. On top of that, it keeps your skin healthy and clean to prevent dullness. Hence, make it a habit to cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying makeup. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to ensure that your makeup lasts all day!

We almost forgot you should make sure your skin is completely dry before you start the process to save yourself the frustration (and tears) of wet spots and runny foundation. 

Step 6: Let the Action Begin with the Stylus

Once you’ve added your makeup product to the reservoir, the stylus is ready to use! Always hold it at least six to eight inches away from your face, depending on the coverage you want to achieve. Holding it farther away will give you a natural look whereas, for full coverage, you would want to hold it closer to the skin.

You should move the stylus continuously all over the face in a circular motion. For a perfect look, make sure you don’t stop moving it. Otherwise, it will make your skin look spotty and blotchy with caked-on makeup. In addition to this, the stylus should be kept upright throughout the application. Your hand movements should be enough and efficient. A lack thereof will result in a heavy application. A natural makeup look is achieved by applying light coats.

Disclaimer: It might take a bit extra time to achieve satisfactory coverage on the problem areas of your skin. Just keep moving the applicator in circular motions until you’re satisfied.   

While this information may be overwhelming, rest assured that consistent practice will make you learn the art of airbrush makeup system for flawless makeup looks.   

Step 7: Let One Layer Dry before Adding Another

Just a heads-up, airbrush makeup requires not only movement precision but also patience!

It’s not a big deal if you feel a single layer of foundation, blush, or bronzer isn’t enough for the kind of look you want for a fancy event. You can add another layer but only after the first one has dried completely unless you want to ruin your look and start all over again.

PS: You Can Always Give the Airbrush Makeup Guide Another Try!

While you may be dedicated to getting the perfect airbrush look the very first time, it’s okay if it doesn’t turn out to be as great as you expected. It’s makeup after all – you can always wipe it off and try again!

Airbrush Makeup Guide Tips & Tricks

Here are a few useful tips and tricks for airbrush makeup to help you get on the bandwagon like a pro!

During Preparation

  • Pull your hair back and tie with a bandana or into a ponytail.
  • Wash your face and moisturize the skin well for a smooth makeup application.
  • As much as you’ll hate to do it, read the manual that comes with your airbrush makeup system. It’ll teach you some awesome techniques to achieve a flawless look.
  • Instead of jumping right straight to it, consider practicing with water. Fill the reservoir of the applicator with water and start spraying it on your face to get an idea of the pressure levels and settings.

Before Application

  • Make sure the airbrush gun is clean before you begin. It’s as important as using a clean makeup brush in a traditional application. A dirty applicator can make the process challenging and cause blockage in the gun.
  • Always use a dry applicator. Even a few tiny drops of water or cleanser in it can disturb the consistency of the airbrush foundation and reduce its longevity.
  • Handle the applicator very carefully. Certain parts of the gun are fragile and susceptible to breaking if mishandled.
  • To avoid the separation of liquid makeup products, shake the bottles well before use.
  • Do NOT take too much of the foundation. Four to six drops will be enough to give nice coverage to the entire face. Going overboard with the amount of product can result in a cakey look.
  • Use your hand or a piece of paper to try the makeup and check for its shade as well as the applicator’s pressure.
  • Do NOT use your regular foundation or any other non-airbrush makeup product in the applicator. These products can cause blockage in the gun and can even break the applicator if the blockage isn’t cleared.

During Application

  • Hold the applicator at the right distance from your face for even application. Six-inch distance works great for light, natural makeup looks while holding it two to three inches away gives high coverage.
  • Do NOT hold the applicator in one area for too long. Keep it moving in circular motions for smooth application. If you fail to do so, you’ll see thick patches on your face due to caked-on makeup.
  • Relax and leave your facial muscles loose. Face scrunching will only reveal your wrinkles on the forehead and around the eye region and ruin your look. Relaxing your face will ensure even and smooth distribution of the makeup product.
  • Use short makeup bursts to hide spots and blemishes on your face. This will prevent over-application. Once you’ve covered the problem area, move the applicator in a circle around it to achieve a well-blended look.
  • If the concealer is on your list, make sure you apply it before the foundation. Trying to conceal your dark circles and spots on top of the foundation will result in uneven skin texture and not so smooth makeup look.
  • Always remember, putting too much makeup on your face is always easy but the tables turn when it comes to removing it. With a great airbrush makeup system, less is always more!

After Application

  • After applying a layer of foundation, wait for at least a minute so that the skin surface dries completely before you apply another product. While it’s true that airbrush makeup dries almost instantly, it’s always a good idea to wait for a while and allow the makeup to settle properly to prevent smudging.
  • Once your foundation is set, you can apply your blush and bronzer, and continue with your regular makeup routine for a flawless, customized look.
  • After you’re all dolled up, check your final look critically for any smudging or over-application. Do it in the type of light you’ll be showing off your makeup in. This will help you get better and better and master the art of airbrush makeup system in a short time.

Airbrush Makeup Guide For Cleaning Up

  • Never delay the cleaning of your applicator after use. As soon as you’re done with your makeup, rinse it in clean water. This will prevent gun blockage and increase the lifespan of your machine.
  • Whenever you have time after makeup application, consider giving your applicator a full-blown cleansing.
  • Always use clean, distilled water for cleaning the applicator. Regular water often contains minerals that can cause gun blockage over time.
  • It’s highly recommended to use the cleanser that comes with the airbrush makeup system to keep it working in good condition.
  • Cleanse your airbrush gun at least once a week to ensure the best sanitary conditions.
  • Make sure you let the gun dry completely before you use it again.

With this guide to wearing airbrush makeup and tips and tricks for flawless application, get ready to show off your makeup skills and earn compliments wherever you go!

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