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An important event is approaching fast and you’re supposed to gussy up, but there’s a whole fight of airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup going on in your mind. Your friends think you should take the safe route instead of betting on your look at such an important occasion. But you’ve been seeing all those picture-perfect models on fashion magazines rocking a flawless makeup look, making airbrush makeup an oh-so-tempting option for you!

So, which one do you go for?

To help you make a well-rounded decision, let’s take a closer
look at the benefits offered by these makeup options and the characteristics
that set them apart.

Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup refers to the use of makeup brushes and
sponges to apply liquid, powdered, or cream foundations. This makeup usually
has a thicker consistency and the application process can be time-consuming.
The results will also vary based on your skill level or that of your makeup

Women who prefer traditional makeup to airbrush makeup mainly do
so because the former offers various options, including several formulations to
suit different skin types and tones. You also get the freedom to experiment
with your final look, enjoying anything from light to full coverage.

Airbrush Makeup

For an airbrush makeup look, you need to use an airbrush gun or
stylus and a makeup air compressor. You also get a specially formulated
foundation for a flawless look. While some airbrush makeup products feature
silicone as the base, others are water-based.

Keep in mind that all airbrush foundations offer a thinner
consistency as compared to traditional products. When applied properly in thin
layers on the skin, airbrush makeup offers an even, smooth finish.  Misted
to perfection, the airbrush spray evens out the skin tone and makes your skin
look flawless without weighing it down.

You can find a wide variety of airbrush makeup systems in stores today, but the key is to choose the best one for a flawless makeup look. The new Luminess airbrush makeup system offers fuller, smoother, and more natural-looking coverage while keeping your skin moisturized and nourished.

Airbrush Makeup vs.
Traditional Makeup: The Differences

Which of the Two Last Longer?

Makeup experts believe that airbrush makeup is supposed to last
much longer than traditional makeup. This makes it an ideal choice for photo
shoots and wedding ceremonies. However, the longevity of makeup depends largely
on your skin type.

Essentially, both airbrush and traditional makeup is formulated
to stay put throughout the day. Some traditional makeup users believe that it
can last just as long as airbrush makeup when used in combination with primer,
setting powder, and setting spray.

Does Airbrush Makeup Work Better with Sweat
and Tears?

When it comes to sweat and tears, airbrush makeup can actually
handle it better. When you’re wearing airbrush makeup, you can
brave it through all those hugs and kisses without worrying about ruining your
flawless look!

Which of the Two Makeup Options Covers
Imperfections Better?

Since airbrush makeup offers a lighter coverage than traditional
makeup, it may not be that good at hiding imperfections and covering pimples.
The blanket-like finish is supposed to give you a natural makeup look. On the
contrary, traditional makeup features a wide range of formulations, some of
which are particularly focused on covering dark spots, blemishes, and pimples.

So, if you have spots or blemishes on your face that are too
stubborn for light coverage, airbrush makeup may not help you achieve that flawless
clear skin look.

When Should You Opt for Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup creates stunning looks on women with healthy,
well-moisturized skin. If you keep your skin hydrated every day, you can use
the airbrush gun to rock your favorite makeup look without worrying about it
turning cakey.

People with dry skin may witness airbrush makeup turning flaky
after application. Since airbrush makeup is waterproof, its consistency is not
as thick and buildable as that of traditional makeup products.

When Should You Opt for Traditional Makeup?

One big reason why women prefer traditional makeup to airbrush
makeup is that the former offers a wider range of makeup shades. They find it
easier to find a shade that matches their skin tone. However, it also means
extended application time. Women who go for airbrush makeup enjoy a quick and
easy application, especially when they’re in a hurry.

Which of the Two Options Handles Weather Woes

Airbrush makeup is specially formulated to stand the test of
harsh temperatures. This lightweight makeup is supposed to last long, even in
sunny or rainy weather. To make it even more long-lasting, you can give your
look a finishing touch with a great setting powder.

Traditional makeup, on the other hand, should also be able to
handle rain and extreme heat or cold nicely but it does require you to prepare
your skin properly and give it the perfect finishing touches. Ideally, a
primer, concealer, setting powder, and setting spray should help your makeup
last all day for an important event.

Which is the Best Makeup Option Based on Skin

As stated earlier, airbrush makeup works wonders with
well-hydrated skin. Basically, it is perfect for everyone except those with
extremely dry skin. In case you have dry skin and want to use airbrush makeup,
you must use a great moisturizer before applying any makeup product to prevent
a cakey makeup look.

Traditional makeup is known for its versatility. You can easily
find a makeup product that matches your skin tone and is ideal for your
specific skin type in the market. If you have oily skin, you should consider
using a matte finish foundation. On the contrary, if your skin is more on the
dry side, a rich, moisturizing foundation will be your best bet.

How is Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is applied using an airgun machine and/or
stylus. The gun has a small reservoir where you’re supposed to add a small
amount of specially formulated makeup products.

Once the stylus is ready to use, you simply have to pull the
trigger – and a light spray of makeup will start coming out of the stylus tip.
Just keep moving the gun over your face in circular motions and you’ll achieve
a light, natural makeup look in just a few seconds.

 How is Traditional Makeup

While traditional makeup is usually applied using special
sponges and brushes, you can also use your fingertips to blend the products in
your skin. Depending on how you choose to apply the products, the resulting
look will vary.

Sponges tend to leave dot patterns on the skin while brushes
might leave stroke patterns. Skilled makeup artists usually don’t face this
problem as they’re able to hide the traces of how the makeup was applied.

Pros and Cons of Using
Airbrush Makeup

The main reason why airbrush makeup is so popular is that it
offers a flawless finish for both in-person and photograph looks. The gun
releases a fine mist of makeup that prevents caking on your face. Hence, you
can expect a more natural look with this kind of makeup. And when we say
natural, we mean that your natural skin may show through the makeup layer,
giving the impression that you aren’t wearing any makeup at all.

Another best thing about airbrush makeup is that it doesn’t come
off easily and is specially formulated for all-day wear. If applied properly,
it can outlast traditional makeup any day. It can last from eight hours to as
much as twelve to twenty-four hours. Women usually prefer wearing airbrush
makeup for emotional occasions, such as weddings because it has excellent
water-resistant properties. It can easily fight tears, sweat, and humidity to
make you look and feel fresh all day long. Besides, its application doesn’t
take much time. Lastly, airbrush makeup is a hygienic alternative to traditional
makeup. It eliminates the need for using bacteria-covered sponges and brushes
or unclean hands on your skin.

However, with airbrush makeup the upfront cost may seem a little higher for women who’re on a strict budget. Plus, it requires a certain skill level to apply the makeup evenly for a flawless look. Moreover, it might be an ideal option for you if you have large pores or wrinkles on your skin

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