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airbrush foundation


Flawless foundation starts with informed airbrush application. The leading airbrush systems are equipt with air-powered stylus apparatuses that are easy to use with a little bit of practice. Heather Hughes, Luminess Cosmetics airbrush artist-in-chief sat down with us to share 

A few fundamental hacks.  The best practices for applying most airbrush foundation?

  • Hold stylus apparatus at least four finger widths away from face
  • Avoid the unsightly “paint splatter” look by spraying foundation in a circular motion
  • Intensify coverage by making more passes across the face 
  • Try not to be heavy-handed with the airbrush apparatus
  • Remember: You’re in control of the flow of makeup-you determine your coverage level
  • Get creative-mix and match shades to fully customize your color


You don’t have to be a beauty insider to know that eyeshadow is having a moment. The most trend-right looks encompass a vast range of awe-inspiring looks, from sultry to splashy, with rococo shimmer for the daring fashionistas. Lucky for you, the advantage of airbrush makeup gives carte blanche to toss the pricey, chalky, byzantine palettes. Reclaim valuable real estate on your vanity’s countertop declutter and simplify your eyeshadow cache with airbrush eyeshadow application. Eye can sense your excitement, so set your gaze on the following tips to achieve Lizzo-level perfection.

  • Remember, we’re not working with an overabundance of lid space, so keep in mind the fact that a little airbrush eyeshadow goes a long way.
  • Yield 2 drops of airbrush eyeshadow
  • Don’t forget to blend
  • Close your eyes to avoid harm

Blush Bronzer Highlighter

Who doesn’t want to get their glow on? Everybody knows we’re currently living in the days of the highly-coveted contour! Show me the Boring Betty that doesn’t adore a bomb-ass bronzer;  a hi-fi highlighter, or a flush of blush, and I’ll build her a time machine (back to the monotone, pancake makeup made infamous in the early 2000s she goes). 

Don’t stop there; bask in the unmitigated beauty of multi-use makeup. Capitalize on the convenience of using your airbrush makeup device to create the illusion of chiseled abs and bigger boobs a more dimensional chest area. Whether you’re going for a subtle glow, or you’re aiming for an ultra-sunkissed look, the airbrush industry insider tips below are sure to help you set your look aglow. Remember, it’s all about the technique here; too much highlighter and bronzer could manifest a cringe-worthy Jersey Shore-esque look. 

  • Avoid using any more than 2 drops of the highly-pigmented blush/bronzer/highlighter solutions, as to eschew too much of a megawatt look. 
  • Use light sweeping motions to resist the temptation to over-contour
  • To best apply blush and hashtag-worthy cheekbones, position the airbrush pointer closer to the face than you would for foundation.
  • Use the bronzers and highlighters to embody the appearance of a faux tan

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