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Ever since its inception into the beauty industry in the 1930s, airbrush makeup has slowly become a preferred choice among ladies and glam squads, everywhere. Airbrush makeup is simply makeup sprayed onto the skin without the use of fingers, brushes, sponges and other traditional methods. Most airbrush systems are made up of three important parts- An airbrush stylus, a powered makeup compressor and a grade “hose”, of sorts. The makeup compressor ensures a perfect and controllable airflow through the hose, which is connected to the airbrush stylus. The airbrush stylus is perhaps the most important component of the makeup system. When the trigger is pulled, the stylus produces and sprays a light layer of makeup onto the skin and manifests the appearance of a flawless, even skin. Much like more traditional makeup, airbrush makeup has its own pros and cons, some of which we will discuss below.


Buildable, Easy to layer

This is an essential pro of airbrush makeup. The airbrush application method is easier to apply and learn than regular makeup-a nice perk for those that are new to using makeup. The airbrush foundation method is highly customizable and can be applied in layers. Airbrush makeup dries quickly, so there’s no need to worry about wetness or stickiness when applying additional layers.


Airbrush makeup can be applied quickly. For me, this is the most important pro! Last-minute RSVPs, dates, etc are no match for the quick and convenient application that airbrush makeup affords.


An important advantage of using airbrush makeup is that it is durable, sweatproof and can last for several hours on end.  Generally, airbrush makeup is made with silicone which means it last longer than traditional makeup-even in humid conditions. Also, airbrush foundation coverage is noticeably less cakey than traditional makeup, which means it does a far better job of hiding wrinkles, bumps, discoloration, and other imperfections.

Flawless Finish

Airbrushing gives your skin a noticeably smooth and flawless finish. 


Not for all skin types

Airbrush makeup is unfortunately not for all skin types. Airbrush foundation is perfect on skin that is hydrated and well-moisturized. If you have dry skin or tends to get dry fast however, the makeup may begin to flake or look flat. Troubleshooting various airbrush makeup methods, however, will reveal the best airbrush system for your skin type.

Daily Routines

Unlike traditional makeup, it is not easy to reapply or refill spots while out and about. Some daily activities can destroy your airbrushed makeup. In this aspect of pros and cons of airbrush makeup can be a turn off.

Limited shade options

Another possible drawback of airbrush makeup is that the shade or color range can sometimes be limited. Airbrush can only be used with specific foundation formulas which are also limited. This is not a great option if you are looking to experiment with different colours. Thankfully, some airbrush makeup brands come with a range of mixable colors.


If you’re on a budget, airbrush makeup may not be an option for you, as it is more expensive than traditional makeup.  Delightedly, some airbrush makeup brands offer payment plans for affordability.

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